Harrison Scott Associates, the industry’s largest recruitment company, has brought together a number of distinct components to make possible a top level recruitment service which will be unrivalled by any other recruitment firm. It combines:

The identification of top-level candidates by our team of over 30 consultants using the most advanced database specifically created for our industry.

Short-listed candidates interviewed by Consultants qualified to degree level, many of whom have an MBA and who have extensive experience of green-field sites, and running companies of various sizes within the industry.

Candidates’ credentials put under further scrutiny by our Veriqual® system which itself is described as “going beyond the conventional recruitment process.”

Before the launch of this service we spoke to a number of clients and solicited their opinion of our new service. Some interesting quotes emerged from this exercise.

“We no longer need to use generalists high level head-hunters who has have little or no experience of our industry” Director of a multi site printing group.

“When you are considering candidates from a non-print sector Harrison Scott Associates will be able to make a much better assessment of how they would get up to speed with the special characteristics of print & packaging.” MD and major shareholder of an Essex based packaging company.

An empty boardroom

Who will use this service?

Mostly large companies in Printing, Print Management/Workflow Solutions, Digital, Web, Packaging, Publishing, Paper, POS/Screenprint, Direct Mail, Data Management, Transactional Billing, Stationery and Distribution.

At what level?

Both full and part-time executive and non-executive director appointments.

Search and Selection Solutions

Tailored solutions across diverse applications: multi-disciplined, multi-layered, multi-location. From single Board Appointments to multi-manager team building, encompassing the £30k junior manager to the six figure CEO.

Geographical Capability

Covering the whole of the UK and Europe from our offices in London, Birmingham, Hartford and Glasgow. Local penetration coupled with national coverage.

Professional Pedigree

Diverse discipline expertise: Chairman, CEO/Managing Director, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Production, Finance, HR, IT, Customer Service and General Management, by product, market sector or discipline.


Headhunt, advertised selection, database file search or combined. All serviced to time, cost and quality.

Focused Assessment

Tightly specified briefs/contextualised role profiles. Shortlists tailored to the Business case.

The Harrison Scott Difference

As the industry’s leading specialist in Executive placement, Harrison Scott has brought together the most experienced team in the country with practical experience of successfully managing companies. Not only is our approach unique, it is also a personal one. Our relationship starts from the moment you contact us and continues through every step of the process. We are specialists not generalists and therefore understand your business and requirements. Training and practical knowledge had enabled us to take an overall view of an organisation, its operations and strategy. Also, to understand, with a degree of competence, a wide variety of business skills and functions.

It is a distinctive, highly tailored approach. Moreover, it is successful.

People = Performance = Productivity = Profit

For further information contact George Thompson on 0207 838 9695 or e-mail george@harrison-scott.co.uk