Why Harrison Scott?

Putting the candidate's future first can benefit you.

Although clients are responsible for paying our fees we never hide the fact that a candidate's future is our first priority in the recruitment process. As a consequence of this policy our team of Consultants have developed long term relationships with the Industry's top people who make Harrison Scott their first call when considering a career move.

Register your vacancy details with Harrison Scott. The appropriate consultant will be in contact to discuss your requirements. As Harrison Scott only operates in markets where the demand for quality candidates is higher than supply, making the candidate's interest as a priority is paramount.

Finding a top calibre candidate

Although e-commerce has brought the industry many efficiencies we feel it lacks the interaction that personal contact offers. As Harrison Scott Associates has Consultants with knowledge of your industry and geographical location, we suggest a telephone call in the first instance will give you a higher likelihood of accessing the best candidates.

For clients wishing to communicate electronically please email admin@harrison-scott.co.uk. Your email will be directed internally to the consultant or partner at Harrison Scott with the market knowledge appropriate to your industry and geographical location.

Making your offer

The recruitment process can be time consuming and frustrating before you actually get to the offer stage and then when you think you have got your person it falls apart. This is because the offer has not been thought through properly nor discussed in detail with your recruitment consultant. Making your offer is all about subtle nuances, which really are the difference between acceptance and rejection.

There have been times when the expectations of the candidate and the client are poles apart thus resulting in hours of wasted time and resource. Though we as intermediaries attempt to ensure that this is not the case we can only be as good as the information and feedback we are given from both parties. We are here to make sure you get the support and help you need. We know from experience that if you follow the simple guidelines below you will greatly increase your chances of a successful hiring.

Guides to making a successful offer


Discuss it with your recruitment consultant first and then face to face with the candidate


Agreeing the financial package including all benefits


Define the role and terms and conditions


Discuss counter offer threats with your recruitment consultant


Ensure you send the offer out when you say you will with everything you both agreed