Job Title: Development Engineer – Major University

Salary: £Highly Competitive Salary

Location: Nationwide

Reference: J79171

An exciting opportunity exists within a major University’s research team.

We have the chance for someone to work on the ‘Xerode’ research project which aims to reduce battery cost, weight, and volume, and to improve performance and reliability.

The electrodes in a lithium-ion battery control many crucial performance characteristics of the final cell.
State of the art electrode manufacturing uses a wet mixing coating process to deposit the electrode. Whilst this is an incredibly productive process, it uses very large amounts of solvent and factory footprint to accommodate the drying process.

This project aims to overcome two key limitations of the current process by

  1. To print dry, formulated electrode directly onto a moving current collector
  2. To give positional and compositional printing control for advanced customer-driven designed electrodes.

The aim of the Development Engineer is to develop a working prototype using off-the-shelf dry printing process and apply it to battery production using design, manufacture, characterisation and data science.

This role requires someone with a bachelor/masters degree in Materials Science, Chemical or Manufacturing engineering (or closely related) discipline. It is essential that you have 5+ years’ experience working in the Xerography industry in a technical capacity (development engineering, etc.), with knowledge of toner systems, including toner physics, formulations and production methods. The successful candidate will also have the ability to design, build or modify xerography printing equipment.

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