Job Title: Papermaker – Mill.

Salary: £40/44K pa DOE.

Location: Southern England

Reference: GYJ78936

Job Purpose:

The Papermaker will be responsible for running a Paper Machine. This will include controlling the machinery, from holding chests to machine finished reel, with maximum efficiency and in line with quality requirements. 

The Papermaker is the most experienced role on the machine and will be key in upskilling the Assistant Papermaker and Machine Assistant.

The successful candidate will need to communicate across departments including stock preparation, mould and the engineering team. 

The Papermaker will work to keep downtime to a minimum, ensuring that wastage of prepared stock and spoiled paper is kept to a minimum.    
Key Responsibilities:

To run the Paper Machine at maximum output commensurate with maintaining quality and specification. To carry out all quality checks as specified and demanded by the Company. 

The papermaker takes full responsibility for achieving quality standards against the information supplied on the making docket and included samples. 

The job holder will directly execute or supervise such testing as may be carried out in the machine house and where testing is carried out in the central testing laboratory, this information will be relayed directly to the papermaker.

To operate the machine for optimum performance.  This will involve monitoring the usage of raw materials, chemicals and energy against agreed standards.

To make, or instruct to be made, any adjustments necessary to carry out and to monitor changes whilst doing so. To ensure that the correct security devices, according to the making docket, are included in the paper.

To ensure that down time is kept to a minimum, this ensuring that wastage of prepared stock and spoiled paper is kept to a minimum.   

To ensure that all machine parts and machine areas are kept to maximum cleanliness by means of correct wash ups and systems cleaning. To ensure that Company safety rules are complied with within the machine house, both by the job holder and all other employees. Ensure that all guards are positioned correctly for the safe operation of machinery.

Responsible for the changing, running and monitoring of all machine clothing and to report defects and the need for changing immediately.

To monitor continuously the mechanical and electrical condition of all equipment under their control, and to advise supervisory staff if a defect is likely to cause product deterioration or machine damage.

Responsible for ensuring that mould cylinder equipment and mould covers are properly cared for.

Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

Has a sound understanding of Papermaking ideally with experience as a Papermakers Assistant.

Understanding of Quality, Health & Safety and Security requirements of the Department.
Experience of operational excellence.
Computer literate to enable use of Microsoft Office, IFS, PI, QIS etc.

Benefits include: Pension & Life Insurance.

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