Job Title: Go To Market Manager / Product Manager.

Salary: €75-100K pa, depending on experience, plus bonus based on success and company car,

Location: Continental Europe

Reference: GYJ6782

Contact: Gary Young

Telephone: 0141 647 6688

Categories: Management, All Sectors, International

PLEASE NOTE: Predominantly Home office based – ideally in mainland Europe.

Ability to to travel domestically / internationally periodically required.

We have an exciting opportunity to embark on a newly created role for a globally renowned manufacturer and supplier of un/printed, Packaging & Paper products for the Fashion Industry.

The role of the Go-to-Market (GTM) Manager is pivotal in ensuring the successful Launch and Sustained Growth of their new Paper Based Product as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic products used by Fashion Brands / Apparel Manufacturers and Clothing Retailers.

This multifaceted position combines Strategic Thinking, Marketing Expertise, and cross-functional collaboration to drive revenue and market share. Instrumental in orchestrating the entire process from product development to customer acquisition, you will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the company’s vision and its customers’ needs.

This role is perfectly suited for someone with proven product launch experience, as well as Paper Product Process, and Material knowledge within either: Carton or Corrugated or Monoboard.


• Strategic Planning: GTM Managers formulate comprehensive go-to market strategies aligned with the organisation’s objectives. They evaluate market trends, customer insights, and competitive landscapes to identify growth opportunities.

• Product Positioning: Crafting a compelling product or service positioning is essential. GTM Managers ensure that the value proposition resonates with target audiences, highlighting how the offering solves their pain points or fulfils their needs.

• Market Segmentation: Segmenting the market based on demographics, psychographics, and behavioural attributes is vital. GTM Managers tailor strategies for each segment to maximise reach and effectiveness.

• Messaging and Content: Developing impactful messaging and content that aligns with the brand’s voice and resonates with the audience is a key responsibility. This includes creating marketing collateral, presentations, and sales materials.

• Sales Enablement: Collaborating closely with the sales team, GTM Managers provide the necessary tools, training, and resources to ensure the salesforce can effectively communicate the product’s value and close deals.

• Channel Strategy: Identifying the right distribution channels and partnerships to reach customers efficiently is crucial. GTM Managers evaluate both direct and indirect sales channels and optimise them for maximum impact.

• Launch Execution: Orchestrating product launches requires meticulous planning and execution. GTM Managers coordinate cross-functional teams, set timelines, and oversee all launch activities to ensure a successful market entry.

• Market Analysis: Continuously monitoring market dynamics, customer feedback, and competitor moves is essential. GTM Managers use data-driven insights to adapt strategies and make informed decisions.

• Budget Management: Managing the GTM budget is critical. GTM Managers allocate resources efficiently to various marketing and sales activities, ensuring the best possible return on investment.

• Performance Metrics: Establishing and tracking KPIs to assess the success of the GTM strategy is a core responsibility. GTM Managers use these metrics to make data-backed improvements.


• Strong analytical skills to interpret market data and trends.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Proficiency in project management and cross-functional collaboration.

• Strategic thinking and the ability to set clear objectives.

• Marketing and branding expertise.

• Sales and negotiation skills.

• Knowledge of digital marketing tools and platforms.

• Budget management and financial acumen.

• Adaptability and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

• Experienced in utilising digital marketing tools and platforms

Excellent written and verbal English skills are mandatory

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