It seems like we have travelled back in time to the seventies,

Once again strikes take place due to financial uncertainties.

A number of workforces are demanding an increase in wages,

It would appear that not much has changed through the ages.

Transport workers strike over cuts, their pay & working condition,

NHS staff & emergency respondents are in the same position.

People at Royal Mail are striking due to rows that are escalating,

And the closure of schools is what the unions are estimating.

In homes throughout the country everyone’s feeling the chill,

And all too scared to look at the next month’s utility bill.

Who would have thought in 2022 we’d have an energy crisis,

Especially as we are recovering from a wide spread virus.

Another thing that’s not changed, but something more positive,

Is how friends & family get together during the time to be festive.

The true value of Christmas is one that shouldn’t be left in the past,

It is something that through generations should always last.

Our Christmas break here at Harrison Scott is pending,

A time to relax, have fun, and bring the year to an ending.

This is a time to put all your troubles and worries to one side,

Enjoy traditions with love ones during the season of yuletide.

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