I said goodbye to my siblings at 2 months old,

“This is your new mummy” is what I was told.

At first I didn’t want to leave behind those girls and boys

Then I was shown my new home, oh it had so many toys.

Is this the place I will be living in from now on?

I am so happy here, that sadness has now gone.

My mummy shows me lots of love and affection,

We have instantly formed this magical connection.

I thought I had so much freedom at first,

But it wasn’t long before my bubble had burst.

There are lots of rules to follow, I get so confused.

And when I break them, mummy doesn’t seem amused.

There are things she has given me to sink my teeth in to,

But those furry things on her feet, I am forbidden to chew.

When I do the toilet outside she gives me a big hug,

But doesn’t seem happy when I wee on her rug.

Then one day she brought home this great big tree,

And before I could have a nibble, I was told to leave it be.

I am allowed to pick up leaves and twigs when we go a walk,

But whenever I am near this tree, she watches like a hawk?

There is shiny stuff on this tree, and it looks so pretty,

Will she notice if I bite a bit off? Just a little bitty?

She’s also hung these huuuge socks up on the fireplace,

I was about to snatch them, then saw the look on her face.

There are things under the tree too, but they’re all wrapped up.

Mummy said there’s a present for me, if I am a good little pup.

My nose can smell it through the paper…a tasty new treat,

Is this her telling me I’ve to stop nibbling at her feet?

People have been coming to the house lots to visit,

When I’m on my best behaviour, I get given a biscuit.

The attention is on me, they must think I am cute,

Must stay out of mischief, don’t steal granny’s boot.

A special thing must be happening for humans at this time of year,

Everyone around me seems happy, so full of festive cheer.

They all keep talking about the cold, and that it could snow,

But in my heart feels the opposite, it’s got a nice warm glow.

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