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Does the modern Print Industry require skills and understanding across all media platforms rather than simply an understanding of ink on paper? Are new entrants into the industry properly equipped for the challenges that face them ?

The Recruitment Consultant

Modern technology has transformed the way we work in that our business activities are becoming more global and driven by, and reliant on, information and communication technologies.

This is creating an increasing need for employees with more skills than those of 20 or even 10 years ago. But do we need to go outside the industry to find these skills ?

While we all appreciate that there are a number of recognised transferable skills, I believe that professional and technical skills and industry experience are just as desirable and necessary as they ever were.

There is no doubt that the industry today needs much more than a simple understanding of ink on paper – but it always has. Success has always required business awareness, problem solving skills, team leadership skills, customer relationship skills etc.

Nowadays we require all the above and additional skills to make the most of the existing and emerging technologies that are shaping our industry. Relevant print degree courses that attract high – achieving students to our industry and on -going training should ensure we have the skills required to recruit from within the industry for the roles requiring specialist skills.

George Thompson
Harrison Scott

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