70% Sales Vacancies

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In the last six months the proportion of sales vacancies handled by the industry’s largest recruitment company has risen from 45% to 70%.

Harrison Scott Associates, well known in the Industry for only representing quality companies within the various sectors they operate in, have seen a shift in emphasis in the past six months much more towards sales positions, ranging from Sales Executive to Sales orientated Managing Director level.

Making the candidate king is good for clients

As the market continues to suffer from over capacity, there are two main reasons why many companies and candidates turn to Harrison Scott Associates in these times. Firstly, Harrison Scott has a unique policy of putting the candidates’ interest first in the recruitment process. The company makes no secret of this and states openly on its website “although clients are responsible for paying our fee, we never hide the fact that the candidates’ future is our first priority in the recruitment process. As a consequence of this policy our team of consultants have developed long term relationships with the Industry’s top people who make Harrison Scott Associates their first call in considering a career move”

The philosophy the company adopts obviously poses the question “Are clients offended by ‘being second’ in the commercial relationship?” Considering the success of Harrison Scott over the years this is obviously a winning formula. Top management within organisations didn’t get where they are today without having a high level of ability and common sense. Therefore it does not take a genius to work out that in the market where the demand is greater than supply, the recruitment company that aligns itself strongly to the interests of candidates, is likely to be the one that attracts the better quality candidate and in greater numbers.

Size means greater choice

The second factor that ensures Harrison Scott Associates handles high levels of quality sales orientated vacancies its sheer size. The company has 26 consultants, along with a core partner team and support staff making it the industry’s largest recruitment company.

If an individual was on the market for a new opportunity, and had only one call to make to a recruitment company, considering the facts, it would make more sense to call the consultancy with the largest number of consultants as common sense dictates that they are likely to have a greater range of vacancies to choose from. Likewise the same logic can be applied to clients looking for new staff.

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