Survey shows age is no bar for packaging jobs

Packaging Magazine

A survey of recruitment specialists has revealed that the packaging industry is one of the least ageist in the country.

For its survey on employers’ views on age prejudices, print & packaging recruitment company Harrison Scott Associates commissioned specialist market recruiters to speak to at least 50 companies with sites in London or the Home Counties; with a turnover exceeding £10m/annum; and with an external sales team of between 5 and 25.

Companies were asked in confidence to consider a candidate aged between 40 and 60 for a sales position in central London. Industries such as E-commerce, IT and telecommunications, were found far less likely to consider candidates of this age group.

While a small number of managing directors in the packaging sector also shared these views, the overall response to mature candidates was described as “quite refreshing by comparison.”

One MD said: “This industry is about knowledge and contacts, relationships built over years. Even though the product and the way we have to run our business may have changed drastically over recent years, one thing hasn’t changed – people buy from people, so it doesn’t matter whether they are 25 or 55. If they are the right calibre of individual they will get the job.”

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