Recruitment Boom at Harrison Scott Associates

Print Week

Since the start of 1997, the industry’s largest recruitment company, Harrison Scott Associates, have been inundated with inquires for high calibre people from companies in every sector of the industry. “Last year we secured a great number of opportunities for people looking for new careers with companies such as St. Ives and many others” says George Thompson, Senior Partner, “however, this year the market has literally exploded, in fact demand is so great that we have appointed two additional Consultants in the South East of England.

Recruitment is one of the economic barometers of any industry, so can we conclude that things are looking better for the industry? This question was put to Dominic Grudzien, Senior Partner. “For the sake of the industry I would like to think that this is the case, however, Harrison Scott Associates has the largest team of Recruitment Consultants out there in the market, therefore our size, presence and track record of success must have a major effect on the number of opportunities companies will place with us.”

Applying the laws of ‘supply and demand’, are there enough people looking to fulfil these opportunities? Normally it is the case that there are more companies looking for people than the other way around, but there are exceptions to this rule. The recent demise of Europrint and a few others mean that a number of quality people found themselves without a job. In the case of Europrint, Harrison Scott Associates were able to identify the best people and secure them for their clients. “A number of years ago we developed a network verification system called Veriqual®. This system makes it possible to establish detailed information on a candidate’s background on a very discreet basis, thus we can determine who the best candidates are in a way that goes beyond the conventional interview process” said George Thompson, and added “The Europrint closure was a great pity, thankfully we have secured new and exciting careers for a large number of their ex-employees.”

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