Premier print league is on the way

Printing World

Dominic Grudzien, joint managing partner of Harrison Scott Associates, the industry’s largest recruitment company, reports that his company has been very active this year, more than ever, in senior level appointments.

Says Mr Grudzien: “The marketplace in certain sectors is moving at a very fast pace and as a consequence there has been a necessity for senior level personnel whose backgrounds are in strategic implementation and development of solution selling.

I predict that within the next five years we will see more print companies moving away from just being suppliers of ink on paper to offering more of a turnkey solution to their clients’ requirements in areas over and above print and more under the banner of communication.

These companies will become almost ‘premier league players’ if you like, while unfortunately a lot of other printers will be in a much smaller and scaled down league.

A number will go by the wayside as the cost of investment required will be a limiting factor to their future growth and development.”

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